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Herbico beauty Care Pvt. Ltd.|| Best Herbal Cream in India, best Herbal products in India

About Us

Herbico Beauty Care Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2014 to cater for the growing awareness of natural products and to utilize the wonders of Nature’s Healing Energy.We have a natural herbal range developed to treat common skin conditions.The Herbal range contains a combination of natural ingredients, all of which have proven beneficial properties.Herbico's Herbal system works to promote healthy cell growth and complete recovery without scarring.

 All creams are a mixture of melted waxes, oils and scent infused water. These simple ingredients are then vigorously mixed together, while the mixture is cooled. The result is a luscious cream, perfect for soothing and softening your skin.

Traditionally we would look for a cream to form a barrier on a cut, but in fact a heavy thick cream can slow down the healing process on two levels. It can hold dirt around the affected area and it can prevent infection from getting out!.

Herbal Creams and Lotions are a luxury you can't pass up if you love herbs. Not only do you get the wonderful properties of herbs (using the infusion method), but you also get the benefit of the fixed oils you choose as well. In my opinion commercial products just don't measure up, and never will. When you decide to make an herbal cream or herbal lotion you are deciding to take your skin care to a personal level. Play with recipes until you find the perfect skin care for yourself.